Assignment writing ecologies 3

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Journal of Writing Valedictorian 12 Jan.

Assignment: Asynchronous Class Meeting 3/18/14, Mapping Ecologies

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Antiracist Writing Assessment Ecologies: Teaching and Assessing Writing for a Socially Just Future

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literate ecologies

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Tutoring sessions focus on a range of activities in the writing process – understanding the assignment, considering the audience, brainstorming, writing drafts, revising, editing, and preparing documentation.

Antiracist writing assessment ecologies explicitly pay close attention to re- lationships that make up the ecology, relationships among people, discourses, judgments, artifacts created and circulated.

Gillam rethinks Syverson’s attributes of ecologies; he “associate[s] students’ writing environments with Syverson’s ‘distribution,’ the authorial personality with ‘embodiment,’ elements of the writing process with ‘emergence,’ and the ‘final’ product submitted for evaluation with ‘enaction’” (49).

infinite ecologies of writing, every one ha ving the same genre-bending potential. Rather Rather than “sewing up” the issue in their contributions, they help us en vision an interdependent.  Morris E. Shepherd Jr. Week 3 Writing Assignment Craig Magee 01/28/12 Discuss the importance of considering the level of protection desired (safety factor) when determining spare part quantities.

Spare-part quantity determination is a function of a probability of having a spare part available when required, the reliability of the item in question, the quantity of items used in the system, and so on.

Assignment writing ecologies 3
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