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Sigmund Exner

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Writing Area Display Banner

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EXNER'S WRITING AREA. Exner's Writing Area is located within a small area along the lateral convexity of the left frontal lobe, and is adjacent to Broca's expressive speech area, and the primary and secondary areas controlling the movement of the hand and fine finger movements.

Sigmund Exner (also Sigmund Exner, Siegmund Exner-Ewarten, Siegmund Exner Ritter von Ewarten; 5 April – 5 February ) was an Austrian physiologist born in Vienna.

"Exner's area": A section of the brain just above Broca's area and anterior to the primary motor control wowinternetdirectory.comtion: physiologist. OBJECTIVE: InExner first described a "graphic motor image center" in the middle frontal gyrus.

Current psycholinguistic models of handwriting involve the conversion of abstract, orthographic representations into motor representations before a sequence of appropriate hand movements is .

Exner s writing area banner
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