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Exner's area

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Sigmund Exner (also Sigmund Exner, Siegmund Exner-Ewarten, Siegmund Exner Ritter von Ewarten; 5 April – 5 February ) was an Austrian physiologist born in Vienna. "Exner's area": A section of the brain just above Broca's area and anterior to the primary motor control area.

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Collection by Laurie Exner. Follow. Wonder Novel Wonder book Wonder art 5th grade Reading Book activities Picture books Writing assignments Teaching writing Wonder palacio. This little gem was just delivered this morning and I am already in love!

This newest addition to the Wonder collection is a. The Exner's area is widely believed to be involved in writing (Exner, ; Roux et al., Roux et al., Planton et al., ).Roux et al.

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