Writing a path tracer wire

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Digging for Security Bugs / Vulnerabilities in Python Applications

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The best tracer wire system is connected with electrical current characteristics in mind. Electricity will take the path of least resistance.

Good grounding and terminating. As a learning exercise, I have ported the Luculentus spectral path tracer to Rust. The result is available on GitHub. In the process, I have also refreshed Luculentus a bit, updating it to modern C++. Installation methods for wire and optical fiber communications cables are similar.

Fiber cable is designed to be pulled with much greater force than copper wire if pulled correctly, but excess stress on the cable may harm the fibers, potentially causing eventual failure.

Hello, and welcome to part two of my series on writing a GPU-accelerated path tracer in Rust.

Configuring Tracing

I’d meant to have this post up sooner, but nothing ruins my productivity quite like Games Done Quick. I’m back now, though, so it’s time to turn the GPU ray-tracer from the last post into a real path tracer.

Writing a path tracer wire
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